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 22    November


Durée: 2 jours

Ce stage pratique vous permettra de découvrir les méthodes et les principaux outils utilisés par les acheteurs. Vous apprendrez à rédiger un cahier des charges, analyser et sélectionner les offres des fournisseurs, améliorer l'efficacité de vos négociations et...

 26    November


Duration: 5 days

This program will provide an understanding of the logistics concept, Component and activities required to meet the highest degree of satisfaction.

- Utilize modern logistics management techniques
- Examine the most effective logistics management practices
- Learn new trends in logistics management
- Study the use of negotiation techniques
- Develop a strategy to better manage...

 26    November


Duration: 5 days

In the world today it is not unusual for more than 50% of an organization’s revenue to be spent on goods and services; everything from raw materials to overnight mail. So, when the goal is to increase earnings by lowering costs, World-class organizations look closely at their purchasing strategies. Success in purchasing is
dependent not only on an awareness of the potential opportunities, but more importantly, and the focus of this seminar, the...

  6     December


Durée: 2 jours

La négociation est une phase cruciale dans le processus achat que gère l'acheteur. Comment bien préparer la négociation, mieux cerner son fournisseur et son offre, identifier les leviers de négociation, définir des objectifs et une stratégie en cohérence avec ceux de...

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Last update 5 Nov 2018
Global manufacturing slowdown continues in October
   Source: J.P.Morgan Global Manufacturing PMI ™  -  IHS Markit

Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

Maximum safety and reliability and reducing the costs for our customers at the same time: we are able to offer the chemical industry an extensive range of chemical logistics services that hardly any other logistics specialist can match. It is our goal to harmonise our services with your specifications in s...

Pharma supply chain visibility checklist

Supply chain expert Sébastien Sliski from Zetes provides a checklist of useful factors to consider when leveraging serialisation for enhanced supply chain visibility as a big pharma or biotech firm, SME or CM0....


Local & Regional Agenda

HOYER: Future-Proofs System for Managing Intermodal Rail, Road, and Sea Transport to Meet High Growth Potential

HOYER is an independent family enterprise that dates back to 1946, and which has become one of the world’s leading bulk-logistics providers, offering comprehensive transport services and complex logistics soluti...

Sharing Supply Chain Data in the Digital Era

Companies can use a digital marketplace to transform supply chain dynamics within their own units.Effectively managing and coordinating supply chains will increasingly require new approaches to data transparency and coll...

International Agenda