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Demand & Supply Chain Management Evolution

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 3  Dec

Supply Chain Controlling and Performance Management





This marcus evans conference is a unique opportunity for Supply Chain finance leaders to discuss how to deliver significant cost savings and improve performance of your Supply Chain as well as to implement the latest trends in technology to get a better control and more visibility. With rapidly changing customer and market requirements, it is also a good opportunity to discuss how to become flexible and agile and encourage business interaction from the S&OP perspective and how to align Supply Chain with customer value proposition.

By attending this marcus evans event, you will be able to discuss how to measure the performance of Supply Chain and ensure lean cost management. You will listen to practical case studies on how to create a virtual platform to get Supply Chain performance on track, and how to apply Big Data and blockchain technology to ensure transparency in Supply Chain. You will benefit from interactive discussions on the most optimal ways of organising controlling and capturing forecast and the actuals, and you will benchmark the best practices to reduce costs and improve service levels through Supply Chain network optimisation.


Key Topics

  • Brainstorm on what is driving the profit&loss by linking it to Supply Chain figures
  • Integrate new trends in technology to improve measurement and execution in Supply Chain
  • Discover how to optimise costs and ensure lean cost management
  • Explore how to do better Supply Chain sourcing and forecasting with Big Data Analytics
  • Focus on operational KPIs to measure and drive Supply Chain Performance






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