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Pharma supply chain visibility checklist

Supply chain expert Sébastien Sliski from Zetes provides a checklist of useful factors to consider when leveraging serialisation for enhanced supply chain visibility as a big pharma or biotech firm, SME or CM0.

1. Break the project down into logical, manageable steps

Think big, act small. A common mistake made when implementing complex projects such as supply chain visibility is the attempt to solve all issues in one tranche. What’s important is to make a start on where the biggest wins are – it might, for example, be inventory reduction or improved order fulfilment. Visibility provides the opportunity to put things under control, so start with your main issues and then seek to extend towards a bigger visibility picture. Also, consider where you currently have or may need good data quality (accurate, timely and usable) - it is essential for effective supply chain visibility and can often b

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18 Nov 2015
CASE STUDY: Leading logistics provider reduces costs and improves customer service with Quintiq (Ewals Cargo Care Case Study)

'At Ewals, all our planning departments now work as one big team. Because we are all using the same planning system, our planners can optimally leverage our resources to meet the same goal: to get the load where it needs to be on time, at the best cost.'
– Renaat Sohl, Corporate Information Manager at Ewals

Lorenzo Corea

06 Nov 2015
RESEARCH: Few company operations are designed to provide customer value

Changes in customer behaviour are set to disrupt businesses in all industries over the next five years. Yet, most company operations are not designed to deliver what customers value – now or three years from now. This is one of the key findings of a new PwC survey of 1,262 operations decision-makers around the world, launched today.

Lina Woods

05 Nov 2015
CASE STUDY: SIG Combibloc reduces planning time by half using Quintiq Macro Planner

'At SIG, Quintiq is used globally. Everybody can see exactly what is going on everywhere.'
– Carmen Zech, Head of Global Resource Management at SIG

Lorenzo Corea

22 Oct 2015
RESEARCH: Why Do Many Integrated Business Planning Initiatives Fail to Live Up to Expectations?

Too often, Integrated Business Planning (IBP) fails in its mission to help companies allocate critical resources – people, materials, time and money – effectively and profitably

Oliver Wight Americas
Oliver Wight Americas

21 Oct 2015
CASE STUDY: Systems planning and material flow management for a cold rolling mill

The isolated planning systems previously used were replaced, and timeconsuming work-arounds with manually produced spreadsheets are now a thing of the past.

Lorenzo Corea

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Last update 4 Jan 2019
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