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27 Jun 2019
GEODIS publie son rapport annuel d'activité et de RSE
  GEODIS  -  Belgium

27 Jun 2019
Lithuanian association joins EuroCommerce, making a full house
  EuroCommerce  -  Belgium

20 Jun 2019
GEODIS met l'accent sur l'innovation en logistique à TL Munich
  GEODIS  -  Belgium

23 May 2019
GEODIS, nommé l’un des « leader » dans le Magic Quadrant Gartner des acteurs 3PL en Amérique du Nord
  GEODIS  -  Belgium

10 May 2019
STEF accélère son développement en Belgique
  STEF  -  Belgium

10 Apr 2019
Are Retailers Waking up to the Supply Chain Visibility Imperative?
  Zetes  -  Belgium

27 Mar 2019
Deloitte’s 10th annual Tech Trends report: A decade of technological change reshaping businesses
  Deloitte  -  Belgium

20 Mar 2019
Meet the digital transformation actors at the Innovation and Startups Exhibition at the Startup Europe Summit 2019
  European Commission  -  Belgium

11 Mar 2019
GEODIS continue de développer l'E-Commerce
  GEODIS  -  Belgium

27 Feb 2019
Zorgservice XL targets improved hospital delivery visibility and reliability with ZetesChronos
  Zetes  -  Belgium

27 Feb 2019
Febelco optimises inventory with Slim4
  Slimstock  -  Belgium

19 Feb 2019
Hungary joins the European Blockchain Partnership
  European Commission  -  Belgium

13 Feb 2019
Yusen Logistics Benelux expands in The Netherlands with new logistics site in Moerdijk
  Yusen Logistics  -  Belgium

5 Feb 2019
Liechtenstein joins the European Blockchain Partnership
  European Commission  -  Belgium

30 Jan 2019
Avondale Foods select Zetes for shipping accuracy and efficiency
  Zetes  -  Belgium

31 Dec 2018
Newminds verrijkt Field Service software met ORTEC route-optimalisatie
  ORTEC  -  Belgium

12 Dec 2018
Dachser richt zich op duurzame lithium-ion technologie
  Dachser  -  Belgium

12 Dec 2018
Flevo Hospital implements traceability in readiness for the National Implants Registry (NIR) with ZetesMedea
  Zetes  -  Belgium

12 Dec 2018
SCI Rules of Governance and Operations now available in 23 EU languages
  Supply Chain Initiative (SCI)  -  Belgium

23 Nov 2018
GEODIS nomme un directeur global pour l'e-Commerce
  GEODIS  -  Belgium


1 - 20 of 102
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Global Manufacturing PMI at lowest level since October 2012
   Source: J.P.Morgan Global Manufacturing PMI ™  -  IHS Markit


The retail sector is always on the move. Whether this involves shopping centres, shops in inner city locations or at airports – trends change very quickly and the goods change just as rapidly too. To keep up with these developments, highly complex and process driven supply chains are needed. With our...

Four out of five executives surveyed by PwC report blockchain initiatives underway.

China to overtake US as leading blockchain developer within three to five years. Trust, regulatory uncertainty identified as biggest barriers to business adoption 84% of executives surveyed by PwC report blockchain in...


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Tudor Rose International is Europe’s leading export market management company specialising in building brands around the world. In business for nearly 30 years, the innovative company mastered an ambitious IT mo...

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The strategic importance of managing return goods is gaining attention in the academic literature. Poorly managed processes can impact a company’s brand reputation, sustainability i mpact and profitability. Returns...

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